Friday, July 1, 2022
Intersectional Feminism—Desi Style!

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The Kishori Shramik And The Labour Market

This article explores the dynamics embedded in the kishori shramik’s interactions with the labour market within the tribal belt of Southern Rajasthan, as well as within the Salumbar block of Udaipur district.

Period Poverty Endangers Women’s Right To Dignity

'Period poverty’ is the expression used when there is a dearth of sanitary products which affects education, health, and employment.

Police Brutality: Now A Common Sight In India

As if to imply that they were at war with the protesting farmers, latest pictures of the police showed them armed with metal rods and iron batons. Police brutality might break the bones of the farmers but will it be enough to crush their spirits?

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Anaahat (2003): Niyog Pratha & Women’s Sexual Freedom In Amol Palekar’s Film

Amol Palekar's movie Anaahat (2003), a Marathi film (Anaahat means Eternity), poses several questions about Niyog Pratha and emphasises on a woman's choice to explore her sexual freedom.

Drishyam 2 Review: A Cinematic Universe Founded On Victim Blaming

Drishyam 2 is the latest addition in mainstream entertainment cinema that plays into the tropes of popular morality that distorts women’s agency.

Analysis Of Sir (2018): Blatant Invisibilisation Of Caste Privilege

Starring Tilottama Shome and Vivek Gomber, Is Love Enough, Sir? is marketed as a progressive ‘love story’ between a man and his domestic worker that breaks societal barriers.

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