Thursday, September 28, 2023
Intersectional Feminism—Desi Style!

#MyBodyMyMethod: Because Contraception Matters!

What is the #MyBodyMyMethod Campaign?

The #MyBodyMyMethod campaign by Feminism In India (FII) and Find My Method (FMM) is an awareness campaign on contraception. Find My Method is a global organisation that works to provide accurate contraceptive information for a global audience. 

Throughout the month of September, we are covering issues such as the different contraceptive methods, myths and taboos about contraception and the gendered burden of contraception. We are creating and publishing posters, articles, videos and hosting Twitter and Instagram chats with experts and our community about their choice of contraceptive methods, access to contraception and much more! 

Why are we doing this?

In India, the topic of contraception still remains taboo. The lack of awareness around the many contraception methods is staggering, with many young people being unaware of various contraceptive methods that can help them lead a healthy sexual and reproductive life. 

So, what is the best contraceptive method? Who gets to choose it for you? These are some pertinent questions not just about our sexual and reproductive health but agency as well that need to be answered. Which is why FII and FMM have come together throughout the month of September 2020 to call for #MyBodyMyMethod, because contraception matters.

How can you participate?

Call to action

Find accurate and localised information about your choice of contraceptive method! Answers to all your questions about sex, pleasure or birth control can be found on Find My Method’s newly launched forum where you can discuss all your questions and concerns about contraception and remain anonymous. With a room for discussion dedicated to users from India, you can ask and share localised information both in English and Hindi.

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