Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Intersectional Feminism—Desi Style!

What is #AbortionMeraHaq?

#AbortionMeraHaq, translating to ‘abortion is my right’, is a campaign demanding safe, legal and affordable abortions for all who require it, because safe abortions save lives. Feminism in India and Asia Safe Abortion Partnership have come together to spend the next month talking about abortion in India.

Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP) is an abortion rights advocacy organization committed to capacity building at the regional level by connecting and boosting the work of abortion rights activists across Asia in the form of workshops, conferences and small grants.

We are releasing posters, infographics, videos and articles talking about the different aspects of abortion rights in India – legal, medical and societal. We are hosting Twitter and Instagram chats with experts to discuss abortion and clear up misconceptions and myths.

Why Are We Doing This?

An abortion is a simple medical procedure to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Yet, this standard medical procedure is shrouded in silence, shame, misinformation and secrecy. 80% of women in India do not know that abortion is indeed legal in India, leading to women seeking abortions from unqualified and unsafe service providers that put their lives at risk, and can result in death. 13 women die from unsafe abortions every day in India. Despite India’s relatively liberal laws surrounding the termination of pregnancy, there are still barriers to access and information about safe abortion, resulting in over half (56%) of the abortions that occur in India being unsafe.

When we improve access to safe abortion, women’s lives and health improve considerably. In contrast, when access to safe abortion is made difficult or illegal, women’s health deteriorates. Information about abortion laws and procedures, normalizing abortion as a fundamental human right and talking about abortion openly all contribute to dismantling the stigma around abortion. This saves lives.

Access to safe abortion is a fundamental human right that is intrinsic to the health and wellbeing of people with uteruses. It is imperative that this access not be impeded by restrictive laws, misinformation and social stigma.

How Can You Participate?

First, educate yourself! Next, educate everyone around you! Follow the #AbortionMeraHaq campaign over the next month to learn about abortion laws and medical information in India. Participate in our Twitter and Instagram chats talking about your experiences as we chat with experts about abortion rights in India.

Follow #AbortionMeraHaq

Use your social media accounts to talk about abortion openly and without shame. Let us all collectively demand that #AbortionMeraHaq!

#AbortionMeraHaq Stories

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