Sunday, May 28, 2023
Intersectional Feminism—Desi Style!

Workshops by FII

FII conducts various kinds of workshops for college student and young professionals. We are currently offer modules on the following topics:

– online violence and online safety
– gender sensitisation
– feminism 101 and intersectionality
– gender-sensitive journalism

If your college or group is interested in inviting us for a workshop, please email us at

The Online Safety workshop was brought to life by the views and insights of the participants who reflected on their personal experiences of online harassment and the latest legal issues and cases in India which are shaping our understanding of online harassment. It was very useful to know how we can secure ourselves on the internet.

Devika Agarwal


Attending the Wikipedia Edit-a-thon was a great learning experience. I learned how to create and edit a Wikipedia page, so now I will be able to contribute towards bridging the gender gap that is there in the pages dedicated to important personalities.

Shinjinee Mishra


Social Media Trainings by FII

FII provides communications, digital and social media training to NPOs and NGOs and social enterprises. These trainings comprises of different modules and can be customised according to your requirement. The training also helps you design and envision your organisation’s digital media engagement strategy. If required, the FII team can also make a social media plan for you and provide you with tips and suggestions on how to maximise the impact via your existing plan.

If you’d like to book us for a training, please send us an email at with ‘Social Media Training’ in the subject line. Below are the testimonies of some of our previous beneficiaries.

Nazariya is a young non-profit with a team of two that has little to no expertise in handling social media. In our session with FII, they made a crucial suggestion to focus on just one platform given the nature of our work. They also provided us with easy to follow tips and techniques to reach out to a wider audience. At the end of our session, we had a easy to follow social media plan that we hope to use as a checklist for our day to day activities on social media. What we appreciated the most was FII team’s background work on our organization and it’s existing social media presence. This was beyond our expectations.

Nazariya QFRG


Hidden-Pockets maps pleasure pockets in the city of Delhi, via podcasts, maps, experiences and images. FII conducted a digital workshop with us teaching and sharing the power of digital media. It taught us the power of interactions on digital media, the way it can be used more effectively. We were taught various social media platforms that could help us in building better coalitions. It helped us in bridging gap with our own resources and maximize internet for our best interests.

Hidden Pockets


TARSHI is an NGO that believes that all people have the right to sexual well being and to a self-affirming and enjoyable sexuality. Japleen’s workshop was illuminating: we learnt quite a bit about what SEO is and how to use it with our digital magazine, In Plainspeak‘s content, and it seems to have impacted our readership numbers already. Her knowledge of how to use Twitter and Facebook to further our organisation’s social media presence calcified our own, giving us tools to confidently plan our social media outreach for the future.



Sangat is a feminist South Asian network. A lot of us in the training were quite inefficient when it came to social media. It was quite useful to learn about how, when to use social media to our best advantage. I think a lot of us will start using Twitter as it seems very useful. Also it is great to have known about the scheduled posts and the insight pages on both Twitter and Facebook.



CREA is a feminist human rights organisation. Many thanks for the training. It was most useful and informative. We enjoyed it and we’re looking forward to applying our new found skills at the AWID Forum.



One of the key takeaways of the workshop was, how to maximise the use of the various social media networks. Japleen, explained each network and its characteristics separately. This helped me to understand these platforms well and also how to use them to the fullest, without having to pay for it. This which will help me to fully utilise the same for the benefit of my organisation. The tips shared by Japleen were really helpful and very contextual.


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