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So, you want to become a Contributing Writer at FII? That’s awesome!

We publish in English and Hindi. Send us an email at info@feminisminindia.com for English and hindi@feminisminindia.com for Hindi with the following information:

  1. Your email address (it won’t be published)
  2. Preferred writing name
  3. Please tell us a little about yourself
  4. Please send us a short write-up of 250-300 words on what intersectionality or intersectional feminism means to you reflecting on your own social position, citing concrete examples from your life.
  5. Let us know your main area of interest and what you plan to write on FII.
  6. A sample of your previous work which is relevant to our issue. Please send us only one piece which best reflects your issue knowledge and writing skills
  7. Your Facebook and Twitter profiles (optional)

We also accept one-time submissions with a short pitch of 50-100 words describing the piece.

Editor’s Note: We have a strong no-appropriation editorial policy, please read it hereFeminism in India is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages Dalit, Bahujan and Adivasi writers, as well as gender non-binary, trans writers and people with disabilities.

Topics We Cover

  1. Culture: Artwork, films, TV shows and book reviews, photo-essays, travel and pop culture.
  2. F-Word: Feminism 101 and feminism explainers.
  3. Hindi: To cut linguistic barriers, we have launched FII Hindi, an independent website where we will publish everything and anything under the roof of feminism in Hindi. Email hindi@feminisminindia.com to submit articles in Hindi.
  4. History: Profiling important events and women in history one feminist a time.
  5. Intersectionality: Body image, women’s health, caste, class, race, love, sex and sexuality, LGBTQIA+, disability and mental health, violence, masculinity and privilege, religion, and indigenous, rural and urban communities
  6. Media Watch: saw mis-representation of women, gender or gender-based violence in mainstream media and/or popular media? Want to critique advertisements using femvertising to sell their products? Send us a pitch!
  7. Society: In this section we cover stories from campus, workplace, news, politics, stories about women in sports and women in STEM, environment as well as global stories of importance.
  8. Survivor Stories: Want to write about a case of sexual violence? We offer you the space anonymously.
  9. Videos/Podcasts: Have a video/podcast story for us? Or, you think we should feature this particular video/podcast? We are all ears.
  10. Interviews: We feature people who have done groundbreaking work in the field of gender, sexuality, women’s rights and the likes to get an insight into their lives and their work. More and more people are joining the feminist movement and working on gender and we wish to bring them in the limelight, one life at a time.

Submission Guidelines

    1. Please address the mail subject as ‘Submission: Title’, for example ‘Submission: Can We Stop Calling It ‘Eve-Teasing’? and email to info@feminisminindia.com for English and hindi@feminisminindia.com for Hindi.
    2. Please send the submission in a Word document (doc or .docx) with English (UK) spellings. The font should be Times New Roman, 12 Point and single-spaced.
    3. Word limit is 800-1000 words, can be longer if it is an analytic piece. Please ensure that the title of your article is restricted to 50 characters (with space). This is a Google recommendation and we reserve the right to edit the title if it goes beyond 50 characters.
    4. The category can be anything; we welcome articles, op-eds, long-form, personal stories, artwork, photo essays, interviews, video stories, podcasts you name it. Currently, we do not accept fiction and poetry.
    5. By feminist, we don’t just mean women’s issues and rights but anything and everything related to the minority, powerless and the marginalised sections of the society. We believe in intersectionality and would like to portray it through our words.
    6. If possible, send a related picture for your piece used under the Creative Commons license. If you do not set a picture, we will pick one that we deem appropriate to go with your article. In most cases, editors find a picture that works.
    7. If you are citing any studies, surveys or news reports, be sure to include a relevant link.
    8. We do not accept previously published content. Google identifies such content as plagiarism and messes with the site stats. If you have a blog, please first publish your piece on the FII site and then after at least three weeks on your blog.
    9. Though we do not have any commitment restrictions, we’d like the writers to contribute at least 1-2 pieces a month.
    10. No misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, casteism, racism, ableism and plagiarism.
    11. We reserve the right to edit your content to make it more readable. An editor may make changes to the title and add introduction and sub-sections suitable to our format. Language/grammatical errors will also be corrected before publishing. Any substantial changes that impact your argument or the meaning of your post will be discussed with you.
    12. If your article is time sensitive, please mention so in the subject line and we will revert in 1-2 days. However, given the high volume of submissions that we receive everyday, the review process for non-time sensitive articles might take longer, up to 7-8 business days.
    13. We also accept one-time submission with a short pitch of 50-100 words describing your piece.
    14. We are an independent feminist media organisation and are currently not in a position to offer monetary compensation for your articles but will ensure you a huge audience and wide promotion.
    15. The copyright of all the posts jointly rests with Feminism in India and the individual authors.

After all is done and you have submitted your post, it will be reviewed and scheduled, you’ll be notified when it is published and will be extensively shared on our social media platforms and email newsletter.

Become a FII Writer! 


    • Hi Sarthak! No, anybody can write for us. Please check our writer profiles. If you are interested, drop an email to us.

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